upcoming events

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Deadline May 15

Hole-Earth Popup Putt Park, Mini Golf Homage to the Central Oregon Coast
For more details: open-call
Mini Golf Promo

12 pm - 4 pm

Grange Garden Plant and Seed Swap
Also, learn and share about diy fertilizer methods
Plant Swap

12 pm - 4 pm

Paint by Number Party with Cake and Welcoming of the Bees Celebration
Help create a vibrant community gathering space
Plant Swap

past events

A celebration of Earth Day with the Lincoln County Mycological Society’s A mushroom inoculation Workshop
Lincoln County Mycological Workshop


F___ the Clouds: Demonstration of Distributed Solar at the Coast During Winter

Steve Bodayla, a mobile solar power innovator, lead a discussion and demonstrated solar’s viability at the Oregon Coast, even during the dark days of winter.


Eclipser Mixer Fundraiser and Harvest Celebration - Newledo Style

We gathered under the stars or actually under the eve of the barn in our newly created event space, the “Breezeway”, to indulge in foraged and farmed mocktails and appetizers. Fennel Me This and In the Weeds, crafted concoctions by our brilliant guest mixologists, Chloe and Walter, wowed the crowds, while they nibbled on broadleaf dock seed flour wraps and tarts. The walls were decorated with educational posters on each of the locally foraged plants, helping to spread the message of the myriad of benefits to be discovered in sometimes the most disparaged amongst us, common weeds. 100% of the proceeds from this event will go towards upgrading the electrical system in the dairy barn, so we can start hosting makers and events in this space.


Newledo Earth Day Event - For the Love of Mushrooms

In collaboration with the Lincoln County Mycological Society Attendees joined in this free hands-on mushroom workshop for innoculating Alder logs with Shiitake mushroom spawn, learning how to drill the logs, pack the spawn, and seal the holes. Randi Stevens of Twisted Tidewater and Tidewater Creations led a mushroom dye demonstration. All were invited to take home inoculated logs for hopeful fruiting in the following winter or spring. Click here to learn more about the Lincoln County Mycological Society.


Newledo Presents Inventor Spotlight - David Stone Community Talk and Workshop

David Stone, a material scientist from Arizona, traveled to Newledo to share about his amazing innovation, Ferrock, a carbon negative alternative to concrete. During an evening lecture and hands-on workshop David relayed the ingredients and testing he’s conducted for making this extremely durable material. One batch was made using only locally sourced ingredients including oyster shells and steel dust from brake refinishing. Workshop participants had the opportunity to view the process on how to make Ferrock and experiment with working with the material. To learn more about David Stone and Ferrock click here for PDF on Ferrock rbon and Ferrock absorbs carbon to harden making it one potential solution to the climate problem.